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The management of this website stones.com.pk have keen interest in all types of stones either they are precious, non precious or any other type. This interest about stones, their characteristics, varieties, impacts, chemistry and other important features stimulate us to write an article for visitors and through this, they can get information regarding relevant gemstone. The aim of this website is to create awareness about gemstones features, the details of various stones are collected from recognize websites and from textbooks related to geology and gemstones. www. stones.com.pk is website, which has been launched in December 2014, having a brief knowledge about gemstones, birthstones, healing stones and their benefits. Moreover, website describe stone uses, stone sources, stones properties, stones verities and stone related to astrological signs. Gemstones strongly influence the personalities of different zodiac sign and leaves strong impacts on individuals. Similarly, gemstones are used in different ways from jewelry to healing purpose. Visitors can search here all about stones and in the future we will add more gemstone and their properties, so keep touch with this website. We continuously update this website with latest and trusted data and information.