Canada Gemstone Mines jobs

Canada Gemstone Mines jobs salary Canada is a fantastic country located in the North America continent and it is full of natural resources. Canada earns its revenue from different sources including gemstones. The country exports different types of valuable or precious gemstones. Canada mines Amber that is extracted from the Alberta, Aquamarine from Ontario, and Yukon, Diamond from Quebec, Nunavut and Ontario. Similarly, Emerald from Yukon and Ontario while Garnet is mined from Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, etc. These valuable gemstones enhances the national economy of this country. Canada gemstone mines offer different types of jobs in different capacities. All gemstones mines hire skilled and qualified employees and offer handsome salary packages. The followings are few leading gemstone jobs those provide excellent salary packages. However, salary also depends upon the area, company, experience and skills. In Canada, the mines hire the employee according to their need, but qualification and experience are the main requirements. The mines job in Canada are usually published in leading newspapers and online websites.

Project director or drilling operations director job
The above-mentioned position is located in the gemstone mines and some time it is called project directors and some time it is known as drilling operations directors. This job is the most productive job in gemstone industry. The project director is the key figure in this gemstone mines and he is the prime planner, project executioner and lead the whole extracting team. The mine industries always try to induct more qualified and experienced man for this job. This position offers about $400,000 per year.

Project Controls and Site Managers jobs
In gemstone industry the above-mentioned job title offers excellent salary package with other benefits. The gemstone, extracting companies are always hire more skilled and qualified employee for this job. The average salary for this project control and site manager job is $350,000 per year.

Engineers job
Engineer is a professional with engineering degree from the recognized university. There are different position for different engineers like Civil and Electrical Engineers. The mines industries hire qualified and experienced engineer and offers handsome salary package in between $70,000 a year to $240,000. However, the drill and blast engineers earn different according to their experience and expertise.
Geologists job
The geologist position in mines industry is very important and he is the man that has professional degree in geology from recognized university. The mines companies hire mine Geologists and exploration Geologists according to their expertise. The mine geologist earn about $230,000 per year and exploration geologist salary is about 160,000 per year.

Metallurgists job
Metallurgist is a professional that has expertise in metal detection in minerals. The metallurgist analysis the gemstone according to metal content within the stone. Mines industry and mines in Canada hire qualified and experience metallurgist and this is fantastic job due to excellent salary package. Metallurgist job is important in extraction process. The experienced and skilled metallurgist earns about to $220,000 a year. 

Geophysicists job
Geophysicist is a professional that has expertise in Earth texture, gravity, magnetic, electrical and seismic methods. The Geophysicist conducts different types of survey for searching mines and this job offers world class salary that is usually about $150,000 to $200,000 a year.

Occupational health safety and environmental professionals jobs
The mines industry hire different types of safety and environment professionals. These mentioned job position provide nice salary packages that are often $190,000 per year.

Mine supervisors job
The mine supervisor is the in-charge of the mines worker and he oversees the work. There are different supervisors for different locations and their salaries varies from each other. However, the average salary for this portion is about $168,000 per year.

Surveyors job
Surveyor plays an important role in mines extraction and gemstone exploring. The surveyor is equipped with relevant degree or diploma and has expertise of this field. The surveyor conducts survey before the operation or mining and make different maps and drawings for mining site. The average salary in Canada for this surveyor job is $165,000.

Operators or technicians job
This job is for skilled employees and they work in mines and extract gemstone. They usually work manually and some time use light machines. The average salary for this job is in between $150,000 to $165,000 per year.