Birthstone of Aquarius

Birthstone of Aquarius

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign and the sign of this zodiac a water bearer. Air is the recommended element for this astrological sign, the ruling planet for this sign are Uranus. Those who have born in between January 20 and February 19 belong to astrological sign Aquarius. The leading characteristic of this astrological sign of personalities are they mostly leaders, thinkers and teachers. The main features of the personalities of the Aquarius is learning. Aquarius has some strong characteristics like they are sharp, clever, progressive, humanitarians, stimulating and they are genuine. However, there are some weak points of also there in Aquarius personalities just as they are inflexible, emotionless, impractical, unresponsive and restless. The main birthstone of Aquarius is Amethyst while there are some other gemstones are also related with astrological sign just as Garnet and Jasper. This astrological sign is under the planet Uranus and this planet rules on the related birthstone like Amethyst. The Amethyst has some amazing facts and properties which are related with its color and its texture. The Amethyst strongly influence the personalities of those who have born under this astrological sign.

The Amethyst is a classic gemstone and is being used since centuries in jeweleries and as a decoration pieces. Amethyst as birthstone for the Aquarius has some outstanding properties like it balances the personality, maintained a friendship behavior, enhance courage and increase internal strength. Similarly this gemstone have some healing properties and most effectively is being used against different types of addictions, headaches, sleeping disorders, joint pains, blood circulatory disorders and general fitness. Amethyst is a variety of mineral quartz and it is precious than others. The Amethyst is comes from Greek word “amethystos” meaning not drunken. The Amethyst changes its shade when exposed to light or direct sun and it is used in jewelery after heating treatment because in this way it gets dark color. Green Amethyst is also gotten from this technique and the chemical formation of this gemstone is SiO2, which is Silicon dioxide. The color of this gemstone especially purple color is due to the mixing of some other elements like iron or manganese. The Greeks were believed that this gemstone was a preventive against the toxicity or toxic agents.

Amethyst purple variety is most familiar than the others and it is also used in jewelery, but other shade of purple are also available. Amethyst has different shade, color and structure in different places of the world, mostly it is available in purple and violet colors. It is a fact that once it was called as the ‘Bishop’s Stone’ because Catholic bishops wear this in their rings due to its beauty. In ancient time it was used as stress reliever and it enhancing courage while in that era soldiers used as a protection from any kind of wound. It reduces negative energies from the body of the wearer, this stone also increases spiritual awareness and powers. Amethyst improves health disorders because of its radiations and it helps in cell growth and regeneration, this stone is also beneficial in insomnia or sleeping problems. This stone assists in blood circulatory system and help in balance its rhythm. Amethyst is good as antioxidant because it reduces aging process or slow down due to antioxidant against the free radicals which enhance aging process. This precious gemstone is most valuable in reference of intoxicant agent and it excretes all toxicities from the body. Amethyst is extracted from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Siberia, Uruguay, Uruguay and Zambia.

Aquarius amazing facts

Want:  Fun with friends, assist others and wise conversation.
Not want:  Obstruction, lonely, isolation, broken agreement and ordinary goods.
Fortunate:  Day Saturday, Color Dark Blue, Brown, Black, Number 4, Gemstone Turquoise.
Famous Aquarius Celebrities:  Alicia Keys, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Paris Hilton, Paul Newman and Ronald Reagan.