Birthstone of Pisces

Birthstone of Pisces

Pisces is number twelve astrological sign and the symbol of this zodiac sign is two fishes. The ruling plants for this astrological sign is Neptune and element for this sign is water. Those who have born in between February 20 to March 20 belong to astrological sign Pisces. Aquamarine is related birthstone for this astrological sign while there are some other precious stones which are belong to this zodiac sign like amethyst, bloodstone, jade and sapphire. Pisces has some strong points or strength like they are emotional, sympathetic, aesthetic, creative, moderate, knowledgeable and pleasing. There are some weaknesses are also seen in this astrological sign members just as nervous, overly trusting and they do not want to face reality. Pisceans can predict the things and that is why people are so impressed by him. They have multidimensional personality even they do not know about themselves. The planet Neptune is ruling over the birthstone Aquamarine, this stone has a sound impacts on the personalities of this astrological sign. Aquamarine has some unique and amazing properties and influence the personalities of this sign the most strong impacts are faith, courage and friendship.

Aquamarine have some fantastic healing properties and heals respiratory tract problems like throat problems, anxiety, tension and stressful conditions. Aquamarine is famous blue color gemstone while there are some other shades of blue are also available like sea-green, transparent blue and sky-blue shade. Aquamarine has a fantastic luster and it hardness is 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale and this hardness protect it from externally scratches. The adulteration of iron particles give it aquamarine color, the intensity of iron indicate the color shade. Aquamarine is a Latin word which means sea water, this gemstone is related to friendship and loyalty. Aquamarine is an amazing gemstone and due to blue shades it is famous among the women because blue is the feminine color. Aquamarine is differ from other gemstones because of various amazing characteristics and this stone can be cut in various faceted and because of this gemstone is used in jeweleries. The color of this stone determine its price more dark shade is expensive than the lighter one. Sometime, this stone is heated for changing its color and usually dark color gemstone of Aquamarine is due to heat treatment.

In ancient times Aquamarine was used by sailors as a fortune stone and considered a protection stone against the mishaps or accidents. Aquamarine assist in communication and it protects from fear or phobia. This stone is very helpful in increasing mental sharpness and enhance quick response and arguments. Aquamarine is a safeguard for those who travels in the sea and it alleviate hydrophobia. Aquamarine is beneficial for the sore throat and it is also good for endocrine system and this stone enhance their performance. This stone has healing properties on inflammatory conditions and it gives relief from some skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Similarly some skin allergies are also be cured by wearing this valuable gemstone. Aquamarine belong to beryl family and it has various colors and shades starting from pale blue to blue-green. However, the most amazing is deep-blue or aqua color. Aquamarine extraction is done in various countries of the world, but Brazil is the main producer of this stone world over. Similarly, other countries in this list are China, Kenya, Myanmar, Mozambique, Namibia, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia and United States.

Pisces amazing facts

Want:   Sleeping and dreaming, thrill, romance and music.
Not want:   Wiseacre, memorize past and being blame.
Fortunate:   Day Thursday, Color Yellow, Number 3, Gemstone Moon Stone.
Famous Pisces Celebrities:   Bruce Willis, Drew Barrymore, Glenn Close, Jane Goodall, Jerry Lewis, Juliette Binoche, Queen Latifah and Shaquille O’Neal.