Birthstone of Sagittarius

Birthstone of Sagittarius

Sagittarius is number ninth astrological sign and this zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter. The symbol for this astrological sign is used an archer, the prime birthstone for this zodiac sign is Turquoise. People who have born in between November 23 – December 21 belong to this astrological sign, while element fire is recommended for this zodiac. Turquoise is main birthstone for Sagittarius, but there are some other valuable gemstones are also belong to this astrological sign like Citrine, Beryl, Blue Topaz, Blue Zircon and Topaz. The ruling planet to Sagittarius is Jupiter, which rules over gemstone Turquoise and it influences personalities of this astrological sign for positive and negative characteristics. Sagittarius person are strongly under influences of its related element fire and because of this they are practical, have passion and power. Sagittarius has some unique positive features or characteristics like they are principled, entertaining, honest, dynamic and warmhearted. Where as they have some negative points like spontaneous, unrealistic, proud, crazy and superstitious. Turquoise is being used since ancient time in jewelries that get energies from the ruling planet Jupiter and convert it to wearer.

Turquoise is a French language word that means “Turkish stone,” the reason behind this name was that this stone was marked from Asia to Europe through Turkish route. Turquoise is an amazing gemstone that has various important features just as it brings prosperity, good luck, successes and happiness. This precious gemstone assist in dialogue and expression, similarly it enhances power in body against various health disorders. Mostly this stone is effective in respiratory ailments, anxiety and depress conditions. Turquoise is an opaque and it belongs to mineral group, while it is available in different shades of blue, blue-green and yellow-green. The chemical formula of this gemstone is CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8·5H2 and color of this gemstone is so amazing that is why it is being used in jewelry. Blue and blue-green Turquoise are most demanded, while after those yellowish green is under consideration. The amazing blue shade, which is reflected from this stone is due to the presence of iron and aluminum. It was believed in ancient time that Turquoise protect the riders from any sort of injury and it was used in amulets, mostly Turkish soldiers used this. This gemstone enhances leadership qualities, brings ease in long journeys and protect the bearer to spend money unnecessarily.

Turquoise has some amazing healing properties in health disorders and it is helpful in anxiety and depress conditions. This gemstone strengthens the body defense system known as immune system. It is also nice as a detoxifying agent. It minimize body acidity and relief in arthritis and gout conditions. This stone absorb genitive rays and creates positivity in personality, while various shade of this gemstone has different healing properties. It is also beneficent in insomnia or sleeping disorders and it brings ease in this disorder. Turquoise is very effective in communication. The turquoise as a gemstone is considered as connectivity like friendship and it enhancing creativity. Turquoise is extracted from all parts of the world, but fine class of stone extracted from Afghanistan, Australia, Iran, Tibet and America. However, it is also produced in Arabia, Britain, China, Egypt, France, Mexico, Poland, Peru and Russia. Turquoise contains copper elements in it and because of these contents it gives blue color, while iron contents in it shows its greenish color. Turquoise has some amazing varieties such as Persian variety, which is available in blue shade, Mexican variety represent pale blue color or sometime contains bluish green color. Egyptian variety, which is usually greenish blue or yellowish green in shades.

Sagittarius amazing facts
Want:   Traveling, flexibility and reasoning.
Not want:   Minutiae, strained and clingy people.
Fortunate:   Day Thursday, Color Yellow Pink and Purple, Number 3, Gemstone Turquoise and Topaz.
Famous Sagittarius Celebrities:   Christina Aguilera, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Lucy Liu, Mark Twain, Taylor Swift, Walt Disney, Woody Allen and Winston Churchill.

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