Gemstone Fluorite

Gemstone Fluorite

Fluorite is an amazing gemstone among other because of its huge color varieties and Fluorite is recommended birthstone for the astrological sign of Capricorn and Pisces. This colorful gemstone is available in various colors and shades like pink, purple, green, yellow, blue and white to colorless. It has unique property having two different shades or color in a single stone, in early ages this stone was used in statues making. Fluorite is easily available and it is economical, this stone is also available in multi-color combination and various colors within this stone appears in bands format. According to hardness this stone is comparatively soft than others gemstone and its hardness on the Mohs hardness scale is four. The chemical combination of this gemstone is CaF2, which is a blend of Calcium fluoride. This gemstone is belonged to Isometric-crystal-system and its class is Halides-mineral. The colorless Fluorite is colorless and the shade which are present in this gemstone are due to some impurities. Hydrocarbon is also a cause of color scheme and this can be altered by heating treatment. The multi-color combination usually white with purple and green combine with purple, while occasionally yellow or green. Fluorite once known as fluorspar and the name comes from Latin language word “fluo” that means to flow.

Fluorite Uses
Fluorite is being used in some ailments and health disorders, in 18th century this stone was in practice to cure some kidney disorders. It is also famous for enhancing mental capability and stone was familiar as genius stone. It is also used to activate body energy, it assists cell regeneration process. Fluorite heals ulcerative conditions, helpful in arthritis and other bones issue. Fluorite is frequently used in optics and develop unique lenses, it is used industries to pure finished products. This gemstone picks negative powers from our surrounding or environment, it maintains emotional balance. Purple fluorite enhancing spiritual powers and help in bones problem and especially bone marrow. Pink color Fluorite is good pain reliever and it is simple just place this stone on the pain area and it will give relief from pain. The yellow color Fluorite improves creative ability, the transparent Fluorite gives peace of mind and empower the consciousness. Rainbow fluorite is best for the strengthen of nervous system and willpower. Fluorite is helpful in controlling and checking fat and cholesterol settlement in blood vessels. Fluorite is used in steel manufacturing industries as flux and it is also a raw material in opalescent glass. It is also used in utensils industries as an enamel or coating agent. This multi-color gemstone is also used in jewelry, but it is not expensive that is why only metal determine the price. However, it is used in necklaces, rings and pendants.

Fluorite Sources
Fluorite is extracted from various part of the world just as Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, England, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Namibia, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Thailand and United States of America. However, England extracts world finest class Fluorite, but this mineral is easily available in various part of the world.

Fluorite Properties
Fluorite is a famous mineral and it makes fantastic crystal having various shades. The crystal of this gemstone is available in many shape and structures like cubic or octahedral crystals. The texture of this stone has six to eight-sided or hexahedral to octahedral. Those Fluorite, which develops from high temperature are called octahedral crystals and those of Fluorite that formed from comparatively low temperature occur as cubic crystals. The pure forms of this crystal is transparent while if it has some impurities or adulterous it displays colors. Fluorite has a unique property or characteristic that is it’s glowing under ultraviolet light this is known as phenomena of fluorescence. Fluorite has a property of easily melting and because of this it is used in ore or iron industries to clear impurities from it. Fluorite was also in practice to make chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) which is used refrigerants. This stone is the important source of fluoridated water and is used as a vital ingredient of toothpastes, which main function is to care dental cavities. Fluorite is a soft crystal and used in many types of jewelry and usually it is used in rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Fluorite Varieties
Fluorite has many classic verities, which has different characteristics. Antozonite is such type of Fluorite variety that has fluorine ions with disarrange pattern and on breakage it gives prominent fume. Blue John that is a combination of banded colors like purple yellow or purple white. Chlorophane is amazing variety that emit green light on heating, Yttrocerite variety that contains cerium and yttrium components while Yttrofluorite variety in which element yttrium is the main ingredients.

Fluorite as birthstone
Fluorite is the birthstone for Capricorn and Pisces

General information about Gemstone Fluorite
Chemical Composition:   CaF2 Calcium Fluoride.
Color:   Colorless, pink, red, brown, green, yellow, blue, violet.
Hardness on Mohs scale:   4
Mineral class:   Halides.
Transparency:   Brittle.
Zodiac:   Capricorn, Pisces.