Gemstone Onyx

Gemstone Onyx

Onyx was famous gem stone among ancient Greeks and Romans, the word ‘onyx’ comes from Greek word, which means nail. Onyx is a blend of brown and white is called sardonyx. Onyx is a chalcedony stone and it has nice blended structure and color, similarly there are some other combination of color is seen just as white bands over black or brown shade. Onyx is described as a stone, which is engraved over a solid stone base, or in other words a banded gem stone, which has parallel lining or bands. This gem stone was consider that it is good for grief, this gem is valuable because it enhances memory and increase attention about matters, while this stone was used in jewelry or ornaments. Onyx is related to crystal class and have seven on the Mohs scale of hardness. This gem stone related with astrological sign of Leo, while it is birth stone for the month of December. Onyx is presented on 7th and 10th marriage anniversary. This stone belongs to chalcedony family while other member of this family are bloodstone, carnelian and agate. Onyx appearance can be enhanced by quality polishing, usually it is available in smooth waxy luster. However, it is found in different shades, colors having layers of other colors.

Onyx chemical formula is SiO2, which contains two elements like Si and O. This gem stone can easily dye so there are some other unusual colors are available because of dying techniques. This gem stone is naturally available, but it is fragile material. Onyx is used as decorative material in homes and offices because it has fine, smooth and luster surface. Similarly, ancient Egyptians used this stone as utensils and decoration pieces. It was believed that this gem stone helps in communication and due to this many anchor person wears this. Onyx increases self-confidence and habit of responsibility. Romans used this gem stone to up lift bravery and courage on the battlefield, it helps in broaden vision. Onyx is used in making bead since centuries, it relaxes physical and spiritual status. Onyx is also in practice to reduce or finished bad impact of person, places or things. Black Onyx stimulate physical power and spiritual enhancement, this gem stone is also helpful in decision-making. This stone assists in dialogue delivery and communication, while in ancient time this stone was used in various other issues just as it was used as a magic protection. Onyx is amazing and attractive stone, which is made up by quartz and earth’s crust consist of 12% quartz

Onyx Uses
Onyx is widely used in different purposes such as in jewelery specially in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. Moreover, this stone is being used in various ailments and health issues, it gives relief from nervous soothing, stress and tension. Onyx help out the wearer to eliminate negative thoughts, it enhances concentration powers. Onyx is used to protect from magic since ancient time, it enhances strength, confidence level and will power. This quartz is used in ornamental jewelry due to its attractiveness and economical.

Onyx sources
Onyx is mined from the Brazil, India, California and Uruguay mines. Brazil is leading country that provides world superb multi-colored onyx in rough form, but it is also available in other countries of the world. India and China produce gray chalcedony.

Onyx properties
Black onyx stone used for protective measures and it decreases fear and phobia. This stone is in practice to stabilize person in their businesses. Black onyx is being used for the protection of travelers, especially for those who across seas. The Romans and other ancient civilization took this gem stone as a defending from negative thoughts and opinion. Onyx in the ring is believed that it protects the wearer from the evil and negative thoughts.

Onyx varieties
Onyx is a combination of various colors and bands, which overlap each other’s and run parallel. However, it has many varieties such as Sardonyx which has red bands instead of black shade. Another famous variety is black onyx while it is not common. Onyx can also change its color due to heat treatment and mostly black onyx is available in artificially colored. Agate is another variety, which has black and white band those are prominent and clear.

Birth Stone
Onyx is the birth stone for the month of December.

General information about Gemstone Onyx
Chemical Composition:   Silica (silicon dioxide, SiO2)
Color:   White, Black, Banded.
Hardness on Mohs scale:   6 to 7
Mineral class:   Quartz.
Transparency:   Translucent.
Zodiac:   Leo.