Birthstone of Scorpio

Birthstone of Scorpio

Scorpio is the eighth astrological sing in zodiac and it is denoted by symbol of Scorpion. Water is the assigned element while ruling planet for this astrological sign is Pluto. People who have born in between October 23 – November 21 comes under this zodiac sign. Topaz is the mentioned birthstone to this astrological sign. Scorpio personalities believe on truth, they work hard and always do, which is beneficial. They do not like ordinary information and weak relations. Scorpio person have strong will power and they are pessimistic about their matters. They have strong hold over opinions and suggestions. Scorpio person are very loving, caring and have positive attitude, but at the same time they have some weak points like they are sensitive, full of emotions and they want to hold everything. Scorpios wants leadership, power, competition and have strong will-power to get all these characteristics. Topaz strongly influence the Scorpio personality and it is considered that this stone is related to truthfulness and companionship. Moreover, this gemstone belong to inner strength and emotions. Scorpios perform well in circumstances when they have full control over their team members. Topaz is fantastic gemstone and it is available in various attractive colors including colorless to yellow, red, brown, orange, black, green and pink.

Topaz chemically consist of aluminum silicate fluoride hydroxide crystal and it is available from igneous rocks of felsic composition that has hardness of eight on Mohs scale. Topaz is displayed crystal structure having eight-sided surface, this stone have fantastic color scheme because of iron or chromium impurities. Topaz shows various shades and have varieties, while a classic Topaz variety is Mystic Topaz, which is transparent and it sparkle like rainbow. Topaz is sensitive to heat that can change its natural color, through heating treatment Topaz can be changed into colorless to pink shade. The word Topaz is derived comes from the Sanskrit language which means “fire.” Most amazing varieties of topaz are gold, blue and white. White Topaz enhances flow of energies, gold Topaz increase creativity, urinary tract issues, similarly blue Topaz gives soothing effects. Topaz is prime birthstone for Scorpios while there are some other gemstones are also belonged to this astrological sign like Pink Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Beryl and Opal. Topaz produced in different countries of the world like Australia, Africa, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka and the USA while finest quality Topaz is extracted from Colorado and California.

Topaz was in practice in ancient civilization and today it is being used in jewelry as well as other ornaments, but it has some other healing properties and it can settle down some health issues mainly it cure respiratory related disorders like asthma, blood related issues, provide relief from anxiety, stress and tension. Scorpio are emotional by nature and it can be reduced and controlled by wearing Topaz, it has positive effect on central nervous system. This gemstone assists in insomnia, gout disorders and provides deep undisturbed sleep. It was believed that this gemstone is effective in conditions like anger and stop night phobias, it protects the wearer from poison. It is also considered that it increases fertility in women and people wear this as a fortune stone. Topaz enhances mental alertness, reasoning and wisdom, it is also beneficent for eyesight. This valuable precious gemstone helps in mental sharpness and clarity, similarly it increase focusing ability. It strongly stimulate confidence level and vitality to do more actively daily tasks. Topaz is good to reduce worries, stress full conditions and it is an effective detoxification agent. Topaz control some essential product in body just as sugar level in blood.

Scorpio amazing facts

Want:   Facts liker, honesty, long relationship or friendship.
Not want:   Insincere praise, shallow individual.
Fortunate: Day Tuesday, Color Orange, Number 9, Gemstone Opal
Famous Scorpio Celebrities:   Demi Moore, Grace Kelly, Indira Gandhi, Jodie Foster, Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Charles, Ryan Reynolds and Whoopi Goldberg.