Gemstone selling jobs in Canada

Canada a fantastic first world country that is financially stable. This country is the prime host of international immigrants because of outstanding policies and rules. This country offers different types of jobs to overseas skilled and qualified employees in various organizations and industries. Gemstone or mines industry in this country is flourishing. In Canada, mines and gemstones marketing organization induct qualified, skilled and experienced employees from all over the world. The gemstone marketing is amazing because of money and colorful stone attraction. This field offers two main types job like artistic job just as cutting, designing and fitting of gemstone in jewelry. Similarly, the other prime filed is marketing of gemstone in native as well as international market. The field also demands some sort of certification or diplomas, but marketing skill is necessary. In Canada, gemstone selling job pay outstanding salary packages along with other facilities like traveling. The gemstone, selling jobs usually advertised in leading newspapers and online jobs advertising websites. The followings are few leading gemstone selling jobs in Canada.

Gemologist job
Gemologist is a person who has expertise in gems and jewelries. The gemologist works on precious gemstones and he classify the gemstones into different categories and classes. The gemologist uses different types of machines or devices to identify and classy the gemstone. He is the right man that determine the value or price of the gemstone. This job is required by the gemstone industries and sellers, but the person must be equipped with related diplomas or certifications. The job is usually required in gemstone industries or stores. The gemologist must be professional and can identify the precious and semi precious gemstones.

Jeweler job
Gemstone filed and marketing department also hire jewelers for fitting precious or valuable gemstone in jewelry. The job usually demands secondary school certification and two to three years relevant experience. Jeweler must have expertise in watch assembling, jewelry assembling, gemstone cutting, gemstone setting, cleaning and nice sense about color matching. Moreover, he must know the techniques of gemstones polishing, cutting and identification of precious stones.

Stones setter job
The stone setter jobs are required by the gemstone industry for setting precious gemstone in jewelry or other mettle. The stone setter fit and press the gemstone in different types of jewelry. The stone setter used various types of tools to insert and fit the gemstone and decorate the jewelry with other semi precious stones. The stone setter job demands degree or certification in relevant field and at least two  years experience.

Lab gemologist job
The laboratory gemologist work in different gemstone laboratories to identify the precious and semi precious gemstones. The gemologist in laboratory also study the properties and their formation. The laboratory gemologist grading gemstone according to purity and flawless characteristics. The laboratory gemologist needs college degree in laboratory science. The job is usually advertised by the gemstone industry or selling firms.

Gemstone appraiser job
The gemstone appraiser estimate the value of the gemstone and grading according to value. The gemstone firms in Canada hire the individual having the skills and relevant degree of this field. The job often demands bachelor  degree and expertise in judging the gemstone worth.

Gem cutting and designing job
The job is required by the gemstone marketing and selling organizations. The gem cutter and designer cut the gemstone according to its characteristics and shining. The gemstone cutter and designer also cut and designs the precious gemstone according to the desire of the clients. This job demands skills and expertise. In Canada, this job is most demanded by the gemstone marketing.

Auction gemologist job
The auction gemologist is the highly demanded job in Canada in auction houses. The auction gemologist is the person that knows about the gem features, quality, worth and characteristics. The action houses need this job for selling and buying the precious stone form the market. The candidate for this job must be equipped with relevant skills and expertise as well as certification in auction.

Wholesale gemstone buyer job
The wholesale gemstone buyer purchase the precious gemstone for his organization all over the world. He has skills and expertise to judge the precious and semi precious gemstone. Moreover, he is the man that exactly knows the value of the stone and future price after polishing and marketing. This job is usually hired by the gemstone sellers and marketing firms in Canada.