Security jobs in Canada

Canada world class country of the north America continent and it famous for its immigration policies. Canada provides fantastic infrastructures and security to its inhabitants. Canada is more secure than any other country of the world. In this country, there are numbers of security agencies and security staff those protect their people from any kind of danger. The national of this country freely move round the clock and there is no security issue. Canada advertises different types of security jobs for the native and qualified overseas individuals. The security jobs offer handsome salary packages and other services. Security jobs are usually published in leading newspapers and online jobs advertising websites. Security jobs are required in all officials, public places, educational institutes, hotels, shopping malls and working places. Security men or security guards are usually equipped with all security weapons and security devices. In Canada, security jobs are offered as full-time as well as part-time.

Security person duties and responsibilities in Canada
Canada amazingly protect its inhabitants from any types of risk or danger and for that it hire qualified and skilled employees.
1. The prime duties of the security person is regular patrolling in the assigned area and for this security person walk or stand in one place. Security person observe the movement around his placement and protect the property or premises from any kind of loss.
2. The security person also detect the fire and take safety measures. At the same time, they move the victims to hospital and mange the traffic flow in the site of accident.
3. Security person respond any kind of complaint about bomb threat, fire, accident or control mobs.
4. Security person also compile daily and weekly reports about the performance of the security and lapses.
5. Security person also guide the public toward their right destination or parking.
6. Security person immediately report the accident, register complaint and act according to the demand of the situation.
7. Security men always monitor the cameras, alarms and use different security detector or devices.
8. Security person screen people, visitors, vehicles and goods before entering the secure premises.

Security person required qualification in Canada
In Canada security agencies or firms always induct more qualified, skilled and experience individual for security. However, there are few strict criteria for inducting security person.
1. The applicant for security job must be college graduate in law enforcement and security. Similarly, the individuals from the Police or military academy are preferred. Similarly, training and experience are also considered.
2. In this country, previous security background is a plus point and candidate must have expertise in computer literacy.
3. The candidate must have excellent communication skills, writing skills and problem solving nature.
4. The candidate must handle the worst situation independently and can handle emergency situations.
5. The candidate for the security job must have clean history or have no criminal record.
6. In some case security agencies demands valid of security from the recognize institution.
7. The security person must know about the first aid and C.P. R certification.
8. The security man must have good understanding of lock system and camera system.
9. The security man must be physically fit and mentally alert and can lift, push or pull things according to the need of the situation.

How to apply security jobs in Canada
In Canada all organizations and departments advertise their vacant security jobs in leading English and French newspapers as well as online websites. The interested and qualified individuals apply online with the assistance of just filling out the online provided application form and then just submit. However, in some case the online application needs scans copies of documents. The candidates for the security job can apply through postal or countries services with all hard copies documents. The overseas applicant can apply for these security jobs in Canada if they fulfill the requirement of this country.

Security jobs requirements in Canada
The followings are few basic requirement for the security jobs in this country. The most important and compulsory requirement is physical fitness and required qualification according to Canadian rules. Similarly, it is also vital that the candidate must have clean criminal record. However, the followings are few basic or fundamental requirement for this security job.
1. Valid passport and traveling documents of the overseas applicant.
2. Job offer letter from Canadian firm or security agency.
3. Attested copies of all academic document and professional certificates.
4. Physical fitness certificate from the recognized health institution.
5. Security clearance certificate from the law enforcement agency of his country.